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Spiritless is best known for their full-bodied, full-flavored, non-alc bourbon, Kentucky 74, which was named Best Non-Alcoholic Spirit and won a gold medal in the second annual L.A. Spirits Awards. Their spirits are made using a proprietary reverse-distillation process, which you can read about here:’ve also got a spiced version, a reposado tequila, and … Read more

Ritual Zero Proof

Ritual began as a way to be more mindful about alcohol consumption, not to rule it out altogether. As one of the top selling brands of spirit alternatives on the market, they really knocked it out of the park in creating zero-proof spirits that embraced their alcoholic counterparts. Whether you’re just looking to cut the … Read more


Award-winning zero alcohol spirits. Crafted with care from natural ingredients in a Southern California distillery, Monday’s non-alcoholic spirits are a labor of love — helping alcohol-avoiders enjoy a proper adult beverage today without worrying about how you’ll feel tomorrow.

ISH Spirits

ISH was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2018 by Morten Sørensen. Morten wanted to make it easy to say “yes” to going out for drinks, and “yes” to a productive day after. That’s how ISH was born, a mindful drinking company focusing on providing the best non-alcoholic experiences. With more than 40 international taste awards,ISH … Read more


Say hej to Gnista (Swedish for “spark”). Your faithful servant while hanging out with friends and family, showing off them dance moves up in the club or treating yourself after a hard day’s work.Gnista uses a combination of ancient spirit-making techniques, modern gastronomy, and state of the art technology to create their beautifully complex spirits … Read more


The team at Ransom Distillery created Dhōs non-alcoholic spirits with an eye toward craftmanship and more mindful consumption for free-spirited individuals. We love having their Orange Liqueur on hand to whip up a quick NA margarita.

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Cut Above

Cut Above was created by Andrew Raul, an entrepreneur and artist who believes in challenging himself to be his best self and wanted to help others achieve their goals. Setting the bar high, Andrew wasn’t satisfied with a zero alcohol spirit that was a disappointing proxy for the real thing. In collaboration with a master … Read more


Caleño is a range of distilled non-alcoholic spirits inspired by the sun-drenched spirit of Colombia. Founder Ellie Webb is on a mission to bring joy to not ‘drinking’ by capturing the intense flavours, rhythms and colours of her vibrant motherland. Caleño takes you seamlessly from day to night. Light & Zesty, a tropical and refreshing … Read more

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