Now Open in Downtown Portsmouth, NH!

Woodland Farms Brewery

About the Brand

Maine’s first non-alcoholic brewery!

Patrick Rowan’s goal in starting Woodland Farms Brewery was to build a business based on three core ethics:

  • Brew the beer you like to drink. Don’t chase the dragon of trends.
  • Be relentlessly creative. “It is what it is” is the worst phrase uttered in business. Build it better.
  • Don’t be a d#ck.

WF hails from right over the bridge in Kittery, ME–and you can find us in their tasting room when the mood strikes for a cold draft NA beer. Rowan and his team set out to open a traditional brewery, and following his own discipline of “brew what you like to drink”, he tried his hand at brewing NA as well–he knocked it out of the park! Woodland Farms still brews a full lineup of traditional (alcoholic) beers, which makes their tasting room a great spot for any variety of drinker. Dry Cellar is pretty proud to call these NA all-stars our neighbors.

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