Now Open in Downtown Portsmouth, NH!

Woodstove Kitchen

Wood Stove Kitchen hails from right here in New Hampshire, and they make cocktail and mocktail mixers with a unique array of flavors, all 100% natural, mostly sweetened with local clover honey, and containing six or fewer ingredients. A couple of Woodstove Kitchen’s tenants of sustainability that we’re proud to support:

Woodland Farms Brewery

Maine’s first non-alcoholic brewery! Patrick Rowan’s goal in starting Woodland Farms Brewery was to build a business based on three core ethics: WF hails from right over the bridge in Kittery, ME–and you can find us in their tasting room when the mood strikes for a cold draft NA beer. Rowan and his team set … Read more

Notch Brewing

Notch Brewing Company hails from spooky Salem, MA. They’ve taken their classic NE IPA and Pilsner recipes and used a special membrane-filtration process to remove the alcohol down to <0.5%, leaving us with the type of beer we want to drink, without the buzz. We’ll cheers to that!

kit NA Brewing

Kit believes that everyone deserves to have a beer in a way that’s true to them. Unapologetically. With no “buts.” And that having a beer isn’t merely drinking one—it’s experiencing one. With people you care about. In moments you’re immersed in.Award-winning.Crushable.Non-alcoholic Beer.Have A Beer That’s True To You. #HaveAKit

Circle Back

Made from tasty botanical extracts that offer great flavor and soft burn, Circle Back’s extraorinary cocktails are infused with L-Theanine to give you the chill vibes perfect for every adventure. Made in Lee, New Hampshire by Lori & Justin Discoe–these two local high school teachers are cranking out some of our favorite ready-to-drink cocktails for … Read more

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