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Sober Carpenter

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec Sober Carpenter’s mission is to create great-tasting beers that you chose to drink because you love the taste. The fact that they are alcohol-free is just an added bonus.

Big Drop Brewing Co.

Big Drop Brewing Co.

Big Drop Brewing makes award-winning craft beer that just happens to be alcohol-free. So, whether you’re looking to cut down, cut out or just try something new, Big Drop has crafted a great beer for almost any beer lover. Big Drop brews their beers to 0.5%. No jiggery pokery, no messing around, no alcohol extraction, … Read more

Woodland Farms Brewery

Maine’s first non-alcoholic brewery! Patrick Rowan’s goal in starting Woodland Farms Brewery was to build a business based on three core ethics: WF hails from right over the bridge in Kittery, ME–and you can find us in their tasting room when the mood strikes for a cold draft NA beer. Rowan and his team set … Read more

Two Roads Brewing Co.

Two Roads was founded in Connecticut in 2012 by four friends who fostered a “road less travelled” philosophy. They have deep commitments around sustainability that we love, and we’re pleased to see that they have applied some of their award-winning, hop-forward beer making skills into their NA offerings.

Notch Brewing

Notch Brewing Company hails from spooky Salem, MA. They’ve taken their classic NE IPA and Pilsner recipes and used a special membrane-filtration process to remove the alcohol down to <0.5%, leaving us with the type of beer we want to drink, without the buzz. We’ll cheers to that!


If you know beer at all, you know Lagunitas. But even traditional beer makers are recognizing that the NA revolution is here to stay. When their own staff started participating in sober curious and mindfulness events such as Dry January, they set to work making near beer the Lagunitas way. As a brewery best known … Read more

kit NA Brewing

Kit believes that everyone deserves to have a beer in a way that’s true to them. Unapologetically. With no “buts.” And that having a beer isn’t merely drinking one—it’s experiencing one. With people you care about. In moments you’re immersed in.Award-winning.Crushable.Non-alcoholic Beer.Have A Beer That’s True To You. #HaveAKit


Award winning alcohol free craft beer harnessing the ancient wisdom of functional mushrooms to deliver a beer that saves you from hangover hell, contributing positively to mind and body. No your beer won’t taste like mushroom, it will however help keep your mind and body on good form (no hangover no worries!)Funtional mushrooms are a … Read more

Busty Lush

As the wife of a brewer and mother of two, Laurel became inspired to create a line of craft non-alcoholic malt beverages celebrating women. She believed there was a place in the craft beer market for a masterful and flavorful non-alcoholic beer brand that reflected a vibrant, female-forward design concept. Busty Lush is a celebration … Read more


Bravus Brewing was born from the never ending desire to push boundaries, overcome obstacles, and forever change the beer landscape. We have performed the impossible by brewing an extraordinary and premium non alcoholic craft beer. Bravus is for those that share our pursuit of fun, adventure, and accomplishment, always seeking to better their lives both … Read more

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