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Surely is made for wine lovers who don’t settle for “just good enough”. Crafted by a talented team of winemakers with decades of experience and multiple awards, Surely is made from carefully selected California grapes and gently dealcoholized to create a low-sugar, non-alcoholic, crisp wine. At Dry Cellar, we’re especially fond of their Sparkling Red … Read more

Studio Null

Studio Null has truly set the bar for non-alc wines. They begin with quality wines from award-winning European vineyards. Next, distillation experts gently dealcoholise the wines using vacuum pressurization, taking great care to retain the body, aroma, and flavors of the original wine. All Studio Null wines are traceable from vine to glass, with full … Read more


From the founders, Julia & Alex Littauer:We are a team of wine lovers with a combined 20+ years experience in the wine industry based in Napa, CA. While we will always enjoy drinking great wines, we started seeking out NA (non-alcoholic) alternatives to cut back on alcohol and to find more balance. Over the past … Read more


The Leitz family history in winemaking can be traced all the way back to 1744, but since 1985, the 140 hectare estate in the Rheingau region of Germany has been managed by descendant winemaker Johannes Leitz. Over the years, Johannes has gained national and international recognition for his outstanding wines, but he has also stayed … Read more


Lautus [Latin]: pure, elegant and sumptuous.South Africa; est. 2017 Founder & winemaker, Reg Holder, was in pursuit of producing a non-alcoholic wine portraying the beautiful complexity, elegance, and finesse of a premium wine. Lautus was one of the first to acheive this using cutting-edge technology and techniques to de-alcoholize traditionally made wines.


Jøyus® non-alcoholic wines not only taste like wine, but great wine. And they have the industry awards to prove it. In the country’s oldest and largest blind wine tasting Jøyus® brought home double gold, gold, silver and bronze medals. And they’ve won even more internationally.


“It doesn’t have to be alcohol to be rock ‘n’ roll.”-Amanda Thomson (Founder, Thomson & Scott) We couldn’t agree more, Amanda. Thomson & Scott took the NA wine world by storm when they launched their full dealcoholized line, Noughty. Their Dealcoholized Sparkling Chardonnay recently took home the2023 USA TODAY Readers’ Choice Award for Best Non-Alcoholic … Read more

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