Now Open in Downtown Portsmouth, NH!


Immorel Beverages–a line of sparkling mushroom-based teas based in Brooklyn–was launched by Hayley Kats and Charlotte Rogg in early 2022 and has since been described by Alma Avalle of Bon Appetit magazine as having “very devilish, heavy metal ’80s rock band energy.” The women-run collective embraces health culture in a spooky and mischievous way, offering … Read more


Hoplark is what happens when you brew tea like a craft beer. Unexpected, yet surprisingly familiar. A new way to experience hops. It’s bold, refreshing and a bit unusual. We love that Hoplark doesn’t add any sugar or additives. Their lightly carbonated, hoppy teas and seltzers come in cans you’ll be proud to parade around … Read more

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