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Spiritless is best known for their full-bodied, full-flavored, non-alc bourbon, Kentucky 74, which was named Best Non-Alcoholic Spirit and won a gold medal in the second annual L.A. Spirits Awards. Their spirits are made using a proprietary reverse-distillation process, which you can read about here:’ve also got a spiced version, a reposado tequila, and … Read more

Parch Spirits Co.

Refreshingly complex, non-alcoholic agave cocktails infused with desert botanicals and adaptogens. These distinctive adult beverages are inspired by the Sonoran Desert and the lush biodiversity it keeps. Each sip offers complex flavors from unique pairings of desert ingredients, based on the ethos that “what grows together, goes together.” Functional ingredients include: ashwaghanda, GABA, L-theanine, and … Read more


What’s an “alt-tail?”Formulated for festivity, an alt-tail is a premium non-alcoholic cocktail alternative crafted with complex fruit and herbal flavors. Made with 0% alcohol, alt-tails blend natural ingredients that can be sipped straight out of the can or served over ice and garnished, delivering a sophisticated libation with a kick. UNRECOGNIZABLE INGREDIENTS? CRINGE-WORTHY FLASHBACKS? HANGOVERS?NOPE. … Read more


Founded by, Aaron Trotman, a serial entrepreneur and foodie on a mission to create the future of drinks, NON is an intricate balancing act of flavour built from the ground up with key notes of floral, tannin, salinity & acidity and a bold, minimalist. Made in their purpose-built NON Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia; one of … Read more

Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics is a non-alcoholic, functional beverage, designed using ingredients that nourish mind and body. Adaptogens to help you manage stress; nootropics to support brain cognition; and spirit-centering botanics to elevate taste. Carefully layering these energy-transforming ingredients help tune your mood and activate the power, energy, and peace that is already in you.

ISH Spirits

ISH was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2018 by Morten Sørensen. Morten wanted to make it easy to say “yes” to going out for drinks, and “yes” to a productive day after. That’s how ISH was born, a mindful drinking company focusing on providing the best non-alcoholic experiences. With more than 40 international taste awards,ISH … Read more


Hoplark is what happens when you brew tea like a craft beer. Unexpected, yet surprisingly familiar. A new way to experience hops. It’s bold, refreshing and a bit unusual. We love that Hoplark doesn’t add any sugar or additives. Their lightly carbonated, hoppy teas and seltzers come in cans you’ll be proud to parade around … Read more


Hiyo is a USDA organic certified social tonic mindfully crafted with adaptogens and nootropics to be the better-than-alcohol alternative.™ Each can of Hiyo produces a delightful sensation that we like to call “the float,” which comes from all-natural functional ingredients like ashwagandha, L-theanine, lion’s mane, cordyceps, ginger, and turmeric. Hiyo is available in three refreshing, … Read more


GHIA is an alcohol-free apéritif adapted for modern times. It’s an invitation – to take a moment for yourself, to watch the sunset, to move from work into play and to take care of your loved ones.GHIA is made with the purest ingredients. Vibrant, fresh, and satisfyingly bitter–it tastes like summer on the rocks.

For Bitter For Worse

For Bitter For Worse makes complex cocktails with love, not alcohol. Wife and husband team Shelley Elkovich and Jeff Heglie founded the company when an obscure neurological condition caused Shelley to break up with booze. Launched in 2020, For Bitter For Worse has won 7 international medals to date and was twice featured in The … Read more

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